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August 4, 2010

Hi All, 

Here is a little something my daughter and I put together. If you have any other questions or want some more info let me know. I have also attached a few pictures from the trail. More can be found on my Facebook. 

One of the most interesting parts about the hike was learning about the trail culture, and seeing the interactions and camaraderie between all hikers. In a day a hiker only sees only about 5 other people so stopping for conversation is pretty guaranteed. I also noticed the difference between a young through hiker who was probably on their summer break and an elder through hiker who has retired. The young through hiker moves quickly and gets to where he/she is going with haste. A through hiker that is retired moves slow, and takes his time with conversation. There is also a joke on the trail about how to tell a difference between a day hiker, a section hiker (us) and a through hiker. Well if a day hiker sees an M&M on the ground they will just walk right by it without giving it a second thought. A section hiker will stop pick it up, blow of the dirt and put it in his mouth. A through hiker will stop, get down on all fours, pop that M&M in his mouth and search around for more, thinking, “if the fool dropped one M&M there might be more!” Another part of the trail culture is when you ask a hiker their name they automatically introduce themselves with their “trail name”, some of the trail names we heard are: Sticker, Plugger, alpine, GPS, Tick, Kool Tool, Mellow Yellow, Little Buddha etc… I honestly don’t know the real names of any of those people.

We brought Moose; a five-month-old Saint Bernard/Australian Red Heeler, on the trip with us, and his performance was outstanding. He acted as entertainment, and a Shepherd for the three of us, always making sure no one was falling behind. Moose had fun chasing ducks in ponds and lakes along the trail, and chewing on every stick he could find (teething). Nearly every hiker we passed complimented Levon on how well behaved Moose was. We did not have a single problem with him on the trail, (besides that Levon was carrying an extra 15 pounds of food or more for Moose) but I’m sure he would say that it was well worth it. 

Moose Hiked with us every day except for the first 20 miles as he was not allowed in Baxter State Park. So we found a Dog hostel in Millinocket that would take care of him for the first 2 days. After that moose hiked every mile with us, staying by our side the whole time. We checked his paws often to be sure no little rocks or anything were stuck there, and always shared our snacks with him. 

It was a great family trip filled with all sorts of conversation, laughs and great appreciation of the outdoors. 

We spent 11 days hiking and covered 122.4 miles. Thank you to all who generously pledged in support of our hike and the effort to raise funds for the building fund of the Schuyler County Humane Society. On behalf of all those with four paws and wagging tails thank your for your generosity and support of this venture.

Paul, Levon, Emily Marcellus and Montgomery Moose!


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